June 2, 2023
YG is Back with Sign Language – L.A. Weekly

YG is Back with Sign Language – L.A. Weekly

YG is Back with Sign Language: Rapper YG has returned with a new single called “Sign Language,” released through Def Jam Recordings. The song is a banger — a tale of everyday life for the artist as he rhymes about his allegiances, his progress, his beliefs and anything else that comes up.

Similarly, the video sees him driving through the neighborhood, a parade of bouncing cars and twerking butts. Cars, girls and money seem to be the order of the day, and the song ends with the simple line, “West Coast.”

It’s an aggressively authentic and simultaneously joyful tune. Check out out below.

YG is Back with Sign Language: YG’s “Sign Language” single is out now.

Back in April, YG was talking to us about signing Day Sulan and D3SZN to his 4Hunnid label.

“I really never had an older person giving me guidance,” YG told us by phone. “I had my homies and shit. We were all learning the game and the business at the same time. That was that. But as far as somebody older, I never had that. I had Jeezy in like 2013. He became that person, a big bro giving me advice and all that…

“I like trying to help people and get people where they’re going,” YG says. “I feel like the energy and the culture – we’ve got that – but we haven’t had any crazy success yet. That’s the goal. We’re working towards that every day…

“One of my close friends discovered D3 on Instagram,” YG says. “He was posting videos and all of this. He took a liking to him, and sent it to me. I started listening to him and following him. We had a conversation like, ‘Yeah bro, we’ve got to sign him.’ We took the next step to do that.”


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