June 1, 2023
Summer Walker, We Feel You. Here’s Some Expert Advice To Manage Social Anxiety In The Leadup To Your … – SOHH

Summer Walker, We Feel You. Here’s Some Expert Advice To Manage Social Anxiety In The Leadup To Your … – SOHH

Summer Walker’s journey with social anxiety is something that has been long documented. With the upcoming release of her sophomore album “Still Over It”, we’ve got some expert advice Summer can use to tackle her rollout flawlessly.


Leading up to the release of her sophomore album “Still Over It” on November 5, Walker has been openly talking about her mental health struggles. 

Recently, she took it to Instagram to let fans know that she still suffers from social anxiety and that her personality changes depending on those around her.

“People with social anxiety have big loud fun personalities with the people they’re comfortable with,” Walker captioned the post. “I can’t wait for someone to come out & explain how it works. I’m not shy nor am I on meds. If you got a standoffish vibe I just don’t trust you yet.”

Walker’s social anxiety became most known to the public in 2019 when she had a short speech at the BET Awards and axed the majority of her Over It tour dates.

According to YouTube influencer and noted psychiatrist, Dr. Tracey Marks, social anxiety is defined as “when you fear and avoid social situations because you think you might be judged, embarrassed or humiliated or you will painfully endure social situations.”

For Summer — who states she is not keen to use medication — Dr. Marks recommends Exposure Therapy where you “desensitize yourself to the fearful situation by gradually exposing yourself to the situation until you are less fearful.”  Marks suggests taking inventory of your most fearful situations and making a “fear ladder.” 

“This will mean you will try attempting things that cause anxiety, slowly working up your way to more fearful situations with time when you’ve conquered one task.

Marks stresses that this isn’t normally done alone and is normally paired with a therapist’s help and encouragement from family and friends.

Looks like Summer is already taking Dr. Marks’ mental health advice.  She’ll be dropping her newest single, “Ex For a Reason”, with the help of her friend and City Girl, ThatGirlJT.

Source: https://www.sohh.com/summer-walker-social-anxiety-album-drop/

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