June 1, 2023
LETTER | Learning sign language early will benefit all – Malaysiakini

LETTER | Learning sign language early will benefit all – Malaysiakini

LETTER | The recent announcement by the government during the tabling of Budget 2022 to require all television networks to have a sign language interpreter during the news segments truly embraces the Malaysian Family concept. 

This drives home the point of leaving no one behind when it comes to access to the latest information and current affairs.

The move is seen as a step in the right direction for the dissemination of news to all particularly for persons with disabilities. It serves as a huge milestone moving forward and is in tandem with the recent announcement by the National Unity Ministry for Perpaduan kindergartens to teach sign language from next year.

Learning sign language at an early age will benefit all parties. It creates a society that is not only sensitive to the needs of those with disabilities but everyone. It is this sense of inclusiveness that must be promoted to Malaysians from all walks of life.

I myself have come across a situation in which I had to communicate with a complete stranger, who was hard of hearing. Her situation was unknown to me and it caught me off guard. Naturally, we were able to communicate and understand each other soon after. I do not blame her nor do I blame myself for the initial communication hiccup. In fact, it is nobody’s fault.

Hence, it is decisions like the teaching of sign language and the introduction of the sign language interpreter that makes us a better person and a true Malaysian family. 

I trust the voice of people with disabilities will continue to be championed and even more so with the recent appointment of Senator Ras Adiba Radzi to the upper house of Parliament and as chairperson of Bernama. 

We are all improving ourselves to be more tolerant, moderate, understanding and considerate. It requires a sense of togetherness and above all unity. Let those values serve as a guiding light in nation-building.

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