June 2, 2023
A little shyness is required for the late notification! – ARAB TIMES – KUWAIT NEWS – Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

A little shyness is required for the late notification! – ARAB TIMES – KUWAIT NEWS – Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

NEWS comes to us daily about the wise government’s intention to tighten belts on stomachs and to put its decisive hand in the interchange for things to be clearer; including the financial conditions that collapsed with one word through a certain act of negligence written intentionally in an unprecedented manner over the past years, especially for us — the 1950s generation… The generosity of the rational government is not limited to specific Kuwaiti individuals or groups of fundamentalists in associations and committees in the so-called Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

It is as if we are in the pre-message era; such that those with short clothes and long beards came to guide us to true Islam, even though the distance between them and true Islam is greater than the distance between the earth and the seventh heaven. The incomprehensible generosity of Al-Rashida Al-Hatami included dozens of countries around the world; a few of which were pampered. This is the generosity that these countries have never dreamt of, and whose administrations are surrounded by corruption!

Also, we should not forget the generosity of the wise government — Al-Hatmi — for the employees, engineers and laborers in petroleum companies; which have lavishly spent billions on them, as if they were the ones who discovered oil whose money we are blessed with!! The last thing that the wise government missed these days is pumping KD250 million into a company which has not hammered a single nail into its projects for years.

 This is the tourism projects company that made us look funny to neighboring countries and the whole world at a time it was proud of its upcoming tourism projects, including a public bath located in one of the beaches! Do not forget the recent decision to increase the price of a liter of car fuel after a few days. All that illogical, unreasonable and unacceptable extravagance is matched by tolerance and negligence in collecting millions of dues for State agencies in order to put the collected amount into public money.

The most prominent example of this is the notification published by the Official Gazette ‘Kuwait Al-Youm’ in its issue dated Sept 12, 2021. The Public Authority for Industry issued the notice which says: “The Public Authority for Industry notifies the beneficiaries of industrial, craft and commercial plots mentioned below about the need to pay dues to the authority.

These are the rents due until March 31, 2022; using the vouchers allocated to them within two weeks from the date of publishing this notification. We then ask this body that holds people accountable: Where have you been in the need to collect millions for the benefit of public funds for a long time?!

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

Source: https://www.arabtimesonline.com/news/a-little-shyness-is-required-for-the-late-notification/

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